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Key Features:
Real time reporting: With MyOperator 2.0 you will be able to decide who should receive which report and when. Real time tracking has become much easier with the option to enable push notifications for the calls just as they happen.
Reduce waiting time: You have been using Live Call Transfers. There is also an amazing feature of Direct Dialing, so that the callers can directly call your MyOperator extension number from their phonebooks.
Advanced management: Manage your call recordings as you please. Store the ones you may need and remove those you don’t. Integrate with your current SaaS based CRM to create a comprehensive usability. Customize the sender ID for the calls and SMS sent from your account.
Mobile app advantage: Get the track of both outgoing and incoming calls simply by installing MyOperator mobile app in your office phones. Get forever searchable logs and unlimited backup of your mobile data on the MyOperator web application.

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