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Global manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement, utilize existing capacity optimally and increase efficiencies,
while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms. Our manufacturing Solutions provide you the bandwidth to innovate on business
models, leveraging contemporary technology solutions.
Manufacturing process wise for your business as per requirement or by customization shown in flow chart:
Purchase from suppliers:
Purchase order - Purchase against purchase order or direct purchase
Issue Receipt & Barcoding :
Stock issue to manufacturing units
Received finished goods from units
Generate Barcode if required
Sales against sales order for wholesaler
Direct sales to retailer / showroom
Sales return
Stock status on different parameters , Size, Quality, Design, Shape & Colors.
Various stock valuation method i.e FIFO, Last purchase rate, Average rate etc.
Salary , VAT Report , Bank Reconciliation, Interest Report , Depriciation Report,Payment and Receipt bill wise or lumpsum, Outstanding period wise.
Other Features:
Member card for retail customers, Birthday & Aniversary wishes SMS, Welcome
SMS for daily sale, Any report conversion to PDF, JPG, Excel format , Direct
Report/ Bill by email on software.
Catalog Management, Catalog display in mobile app ,Order by mobile app, Direct payment by app against order, order status shown in app, Reminder against
order, Data Backup, Auto data Backup period wise, Backup on email & above all total security of your data.
Accounts , Sales and Despatch , Purchase Ordering , Taxes , Production ,Inventory Reports
Point Of Sale:
Hot keys to display and print sales figures
Returns, Exchange and Refund tracking system
Non Barcode/Barcode Sales Option
Item level and Bill level discounts
Auto Application of Promotional Schemes
Accounting and Financial Management:
Final Accounts (Balance Sheet, P & L)
Receivables & Payables/Outstanding
Bank Reconciliation
Cheque & Voucher Printing
Service Tax, VAT & CST Handling
Sales, Purchase Registers
Stock Registers
CRM Reports
Accounts Reports
Utility Reports
Fast & Efficient services to customers
Better Relation with customers
Enhanced Administration & Control
Efficient management leads to more profits
Helps in future planning & growth
Plan Marketing Strategy based on sales trends

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