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gHR online payroll software combine all forms of payouts to an employee, Monthly salary, Claims and reimbursements, LTA, Bonus.
It covers every possible employee compensation mode.
This most culminating and well configured payroll processing software in India pulls relevant data from the time and attendance module, leave management module, claims and reimbursement module etc. as applicable using the self-service portal and uses it as the input for salary calculation. It ensures accuracy, eliminates the manual errors and diminishes the internal workload.
Also our most peerless payroll software in India provides a semi-automated scenario, all or part of the data can be uploaded using a master upload template. Built in audit and approval trails, security locks, a wide range of standard and customized reports are some of the features of this impeccable Payroll Software India. Uncountable benefits can be driven from the software freeing up your valuable time spent in managing human resource.

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