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EduERP is scalable ERP software for colleges, schools and other educational institutions. It has a modular structure which makes it quite easy to configure according to individual requirements. This helps institutions to scale EduERP according to their requirements for optimum utilization of resources
Here some key features:
It is a Web based Institute management software with interactive user interface
It\'s report Generation in MS Word, Excel and PDF formats
It\'s Pre-defined user roles with authentication
It\'s flexible modular hierarchy
It integrates with RFID technology, Biometric sensors and Smart Cards
It\'s automatic back-up and restore facility
It\'s high degree of synchronization between different modules
It offers common platform where students and Institutional administrators can interact with each other
It provides quick and secure access to required information on any student
It\'s large numbers of Man-hours are saved because of quick, easy and secure access to information, which otherwise would have required lot of manual labor like file movement, etc
It brings in accountability and transparency in the administration, which in turn improves performance of stakeholders
It\'s smooth management of academic activities of students with suitable feedback and performance appraisal mechanism

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