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REMOTE ACCESS - You can remotely access your CRM Software from any place, no matter whether you are in office or not.
QUICK VIEW REPORTS - You can have a quick and easy view of sales reports, equiries, follow-ups etc.
TRACK LEADS - Easy Tracking of leads will give you better opportunities to increase your sales.
CUSTOMIZATION AND FLEXIBILITY - Customization look and feel will give you user friendly interface, easily accessed by sales team.
CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS - Easy communication with customers through social media integrated (facebook, twitter, linked in)
MAINTAIN EMPLOYEE DATABASE - You can easily manage details of employees, quick view of leads assigned, completed by particular employee.
CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT - Manage customers by providing them services and fulfilling the requirements timely. So that customer satisfaction and best services would be provided.
IMPROVES SALES LEAD TRACKING - Easy tracking of leads and proper follow-ups, completion makes a lead successful. This also provides benefit to the employee for successfully converting leads.
INCREASES RATIO OF SALES - After completing every lead successfully, the ratio of sales of an organization increases.
GENERATES DAY PLANNER, TO-DO-LIST - Maintains the task which has to be performed in a day, week or month, sets target accordingly.
MAINTAINS CALENDER, EVENTS - Maintain the follow-ups of leads through calender, create events to be performed.
EASY SERVICES PROVIDED TO CUSTOMERS - If a provider knows what are the requirement of customer, then he will easily fulfill the requirement, Sales Tracker allows you to maintain customers in database according to services provided to them.

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