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Description can import and export data like any other program, so whether you use Excel or have an old ACT database to convert, it is easy to use our simple Importing feature to bring in your new information. Doing something complex, like importing custom relational data such as It\'s easy to migrate even enterprise systems, Free CRM can handle more than just importing your old Excel worksheets.
FreeCRM lets you export data anytime and you can always get a complete snapshot of all of your data anytime. Professional edition customers also have the 1-click convenience of a total backup function, which zips up all the data in your CRM in one easy file. We also have a 1-click backup feature for the document repository, so all of your important files and documents can be downloaded and backed up in one easy step. FreeCRM also utilizes industry standard military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption and also has the most secure data centers in the world.
Tracking tasks, issues, and sales gives you complete visibility into the time you and your team members are spending on any given Deal or Issue. Brings tasks into Free CRM enables teamwork to better close deals and issues together. Management gets the visibility they need into quality, satisfaction and responsiveness, team members are more organized, from beginning to end.

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