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Key Features of our Online Ordering Portal:
Give personalised discounts and ensure timely delivery, apart from taking customer feedback very seriously.
It would definitely lower the costs you accrue by paying a 3rd party for customer acquisition.
Torqus brings to you its online ordering site and apps module which has been created to jump start this venture.
The module allows you to setup your own online ordering site in a few simple steps. You can also create an app, thus making the customers’ task even simpler.
In addition to this, you can also connect your online ordering site as well as the app to your call centre and POS outlets. The former would facilitate human interaction to address customer queries in case of any confusion. The latter would keep an account of all the orders placed automatically, without the manager/steward having to enter the details of the same to the system again. From the customers’ perspective, the effort of ordering food is minimal since he/she is not required to share contact details each time.

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