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Lead Capture Automation
Responsive Landing Pages – Increase your traffic to lead conversion with mobile responsive landing pages.
Website Widgets – Generate more leads from your existing website traffic using website widgets.
Seamless Lead Capture – Seamlessly capture leads from all your sources – inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation websites and more.
Marketing Automation
Drip Marketing – Engage and sell round the clock with drip marketing and trigger based emails.
Segmentation – Segment your contact lists for lead nurturing based on lead scores, behavior, geography or any useful variable.
Personalization – Create and retain mindshare of your leads and customers by sharing personalized content and offers using email and SMS.
Sales Acceleration
Automated Lead Scoring – Identify your prospects with the highest potential for conversion with automated lead scoring.
Behavioral Insights – Empower your sales to close deals faster with powerful behavioral insights and detailed activity history for every lead.
Sales Funnel – View your leads across various stages in sales cycle and monitor lead engagement at each stage.
Marketing and Sales Analytics
Lead Engagement Index – Get quantified engagement insights for any segment or group of leads.
Marketing Insights – Deep insights on campaigns & lead sources driving qualified leads for your business.
Sales Insights – Get clarity on factors that drive your revenue. Lead sources, sales people, product & service offerings and more.

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